The Week That Was – Kate and Tony

We lost 2 pretty damn influential cultural icons and Daring individuals this week in Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

The remembrances of Kate Spade and her influence on fashion was remarkable. Hearing and reading accounts of “my first Kate Spade” reminded me of my own wife’s rite of passage, as it did for so many young women. Either being able to finally afford, reward themselves, or simply acknowledge reaching an age where one can have nice things. Above whatever design, function or unique perspective she brought, her work inspired and created a feeling that to this day seems so easily harkened.

Anthony’s passing has been personally tough… Friday’s commute in was a daze, having just learned the news. I don’t think of celebrities as friends, but Tony has been an incredibly influential and familiar voice in our home, dating back to his first series in 2002. He inspired the way we prioritize travel, get off the beaten paths, expose our kids to the world, even our strong passion for not wasting food and water. As a journalist (though he hated the label), correspondent and story teller, he clearly had his views, but was adamant about breaking bread with and listening to people of differing points of view. He wasn’t a celebrity chef. He was a daring journeyman who evoked personal responses and told the stories of those places he traversed and the people who were often at risk in telling their stories. His work had feeling, meaning, and an unmistakable voice, which is what we’ll remember him for.

Their work lives on, but more so, the way they made us feel.

They leave Delight.

I won’t compare its gravity; we work in marketing…

But let’s not lose sight of the lasting and staying power of our own work.

Let’s never lose sight of the premise that what we put forth to the world has to leave its observer with a feeling.

And our promise to Delight.

Let’s push a boundary when appropriate, and get out of our own comfort zone. Plan for the platform, the short attention span, and the opportunity to leave a quick but lasting mark.

Because the world keeps changing, and so should our purview about what inspires and resonates, and how and where we connect with people. And the feelings we leave behind.