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Small Business Snapshot: Jonathan Adler


Agencies love great design. It's a fact - like that the earth is round. Or that George Clooney is the world's most eligible bachelor. Indisputable.

And this agency has a particular fondness for the happy-chic design style of celebrity small business owner Jonathan Adler. For nearly 20 years, his aesthetic has wowed and inspired us - we drooled over his Target collection (long before Missoni made it mainstream) and fawned over his judgements on Bravo's "Top Design." For years, we've admired him from afar like so many fans who've turned jonathanadler.com <http://jonathanadler.com>  into a must-stop (online) shop.

The Adler website is a mecca for fun-loving designers and wannabes. One of the most fabulous home design e-commerce sites, shoppers can snag everything from a set of $5 coasters to a $5,000 sofa. Highly interactive, the site invites visitors to show their style by uploading photos. You can design your own virtual space using JA products or read through style musings from the man himself. Easy to navigate and loaded with high-style finds, the site personifies the JA brand - happy, friendly and super-chic.

But on a recent trip to the Windy City, our online infatuation turned into a real-life romance when we visited one of the brand's flagship stores. It was as if the website came to life - bright colors, bold patterns and a general feeling of happiness. With everything from iPad cases and umbrellas to sofas and sculptures, the options were limitless. (Our personal favorite purchase was a colorful notebook, perfect for to-do lists and doodles.)

As the Jonathan Adler small business brand continues to evolve into a design empire, we can't wait to see what's next - maybe an iPad app? Or an e-magazine? The ideas seem limitless. But in the meantime, we'll continue to pick up tips and ideas from jonathanadler.com <http://jonathanadler.com> - and doodle in our brand-new JA notebook.